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TECNO IN is a company established in 1986, providing Engineering Services to the National & International market. The company offers a wide spectrum of services ranging from test systems & control equipment for design trouble-shooting for civil works, monitoring systems & equipment for industrial assets and monuments as well as geotechnical, environmental, archaeological surveys. The experience achieved over three decades puts Tecno In among the leading contractors of their regional market.

TECNO IN’s mission is to provide services and expertise to Customers, operating both in private and public sectors, adopting "state-of-the-art" technologies & equipment and best practices. In doing so, TECNO IN cooperates with some of the most important and prestigious Italian & European universities and research institutitions. Furthermore, thanks to the partnership with other companies, like Next Geosolutions S.p.A, TECNO IN is now able to provide integrated services, both on land and at sea, on an Iternational basis. As a qualified company is of the essence to ensure that its entire organization has a defined behavior inspired by ethical principles ensuring independence of judgment, moral integrity, loyalty and social responsibility with respect for people and rules.


Future Environmental Design (FED) is an Italian Consulting Company, Spinoff of University of Naples Federico II, providing civil engineering and architectural services using innovative methodologies.
FED has been created in order to respond to the profound changes the construction industry is facing during the last years, both in terms of creation of new products and the development of new methodologies, aiming ar increasing the sustainability and the efficiency of the design process, construction and operations of civil and industrial structures, and infrastructures.
Such services are mainly focused on the design of buildings and infrastructures using the Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology. These include support for the BIM planning phase, technical support for the bidding process, structural analysis, construction management, architectural rendering and interior design, site and safety coordination and facility management.
The strength of FED is represented by its design team characterized by various professional profiles with a strong ability of teamwork, in a multicultural environment and advanced problem solving skills. Such peculiarities ensure that project objectives are quickly accomplished with high quality standards.
Our services:
Building Information Modeling: integrated architectural, structural and mep design – clash detection among the different design levels – production of site drawings
Civil Engineering: Structural analysis of civil and industrial buildings and infrastructures – seismic design of structures – seismic reinforcement and retrofit of existing structures
Architecture: Architectural design – interior design – render visualization – exterior design
Sustainability: Analysis of the environmental impact of civil structures with Life Cycle Assessment methodology – design according to the LEED protocol
Construction Management: Site management – cost estimating – health and safety coordination
Facility Management: Implementation of maintenance programs using BIM and CMMS Systems