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Technical Director of Tecno-In S.p.A. - Engineering Services, company specialized in services related to: Geology, Geotechnics, Geophysics and Environmental Risks. He was a member of the Provincial Committee of Civil Protection as expert in the prevention of environmental risks. He's a member of the Scientific Committee of the Inter-University Centre of Competence AMRA - Analysis and Monitoring of Environmental Risk, and the author of numerous scientific publications in the fields of interest, and scientific coordinator of several research projects.
He taught Territorial detection at CISA - Interdepartmental Centre for Archaeology Services, University of Naples "L'Orientale". He has gained considerable experience in Geology, Hydrogeology, Monuments Preservation , and problems of characterization and environmental risk. He collaborated on important projects to the high-speed railway, Naples and Rome subway projects , Arch of Constantine, the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Palazzo Barberini in Rome.
He currently works on the following projects: investigation and studies on the projects of Line 1 and 6 of the Naples subway, the control and monitoring of the leaning Towers Asinelli and Garisenda in Bologna, the studies and related issues and environmental monitoring and geological-hydrogeological for the project to the bridge over the channel of Messina, and several projects of environmental characterization and remediation in OIL & GAS, as well as various issues of structural and hydrogeological instability including the collapse of the Schola Armaturarum of Pompeii.


Lavora alla Tecno in S.p.a. dal 1999 e nel corso della sua esperienza lavorativa si è qualificato nei rilievi laser scanner tridimensionale (terrestre, mobile mapping ed aereo) e nella modellazione 3d parametrica.
I campi di applicazione su cui si è specializzato sono: architettura, archeologia, ingegneria civile ed industriale, geologia-geotecnica, ingegneria forense, infrastrutture, ed altro.
In questo contesto, ha consolidato competenze tecnologiche multidisciplinari che lo hanno proiettato, attraverso la realizzazione di importanti progetti nazionali ed internazionali, ad acquisire esperienze sulle applicazioni “SCAN TO BIM”.


Owner Tecno in S.p.a. The Tecno In Engineering Services is a company founded in 1986 and over the years has specialized in investigations, both on site and in the laboratory, and for studies aimed to the problems of characterization, monitoring and remediation of environmental and bankruptcy hydrological, geological and hydrogeological support in infrastructure construction of onshore and offshore, in structural diagnostics.
In this context, it has consolidated multidisciplinary technological skills that have projected among the leading companies in the industry with presence in major national and international projects. The TECNO IN collaborated with leading Italian research centers, with which it has many partnerships in research projects for the development of innovative technologies.


Born in Naples in 1986, after a Master degree in Structural Engineering and a PhD he specialized in Integrated Design Methodologies using Building Information Modeling and low-environmental impact design criteria with the use of Life Cycle Assessment methodology.
In April of 2015 He is CEO of Future Environmental Design (FED) Company Spin-off of the University Federico II of Naples that provides integrated solutions and sustainable BIM-based, for the construction sector.